Chapter 16: Where to go from here

Congratulations, you finished this book! 🥳

You really learned a lot about developing apps with SwiftUI. For example, we talked about the basic functionality of SwiftUI, how to compose complex interfaces, how to interact with user input, how to save data, how to communicate with web services, how to draw in SwiftUI, how to works with maps and so much more. We gave you the tools you need. Now, it’s time to create your own, custom apps.

However, More chapters are currently being planned. For example:

  • How to create Augmented Reality apps with SwiftUI and ARKit
  • Sign in with Apple
  • And more!

We will notify you about every update by writing you a mail, so stay tuned and make sure you check out your spam folder as well. If you have any wishes or suggestions on what you would like to learn, make sure you send us a mail or leave a DM on Instagram.

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7 replies on “Chapter 16: Where to go from here”

Hi there! I recently bought your master book, it’s AWESOME thanks!!

I got a big question about a project I’m building. It is an educational medical app based on lists menus. By example, my first page contains my principle list menu (medical history, physical exam, clinical calculators, patient cases) and each row forward to a specific page which contains a list of the systems (cardiovascular, dermatology, endocrinoly, etc…). Each of these forward to an other list menu and then to a detail view. I’d like to know how do you pass datas between these different lists and what’s the most effective way to do it! Thanks you for your help!!

Hi, thanks for your comment! I would suggest to implement a data model (struct or class) that contains all the necessary attributes for the data to pass. In each view file of your hierarchy declare a property of that data model type. From your root view, initialise the data model instance and pass it all the way down the detail view.


thanks for the courses they’re great ! When do you think you will publish the ARKit with SwiftUI course ?

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